Saturday, 24 January 2015

My toddler uses the iPad, call social security services

So, recently a friend asked for suggestions for apps for her toddler to use on her iPad. It's was mere seconds before someone criticised her for merely asking.

Take your child to a library, came the cry, if you're going to do something with your child (and children MUST be supervised on said iPad), do something active and creative. The person who expressed this made it clear that she did active things and NEVER allowed her darlings near an iPad.

Oh do cock off.

It's not that I don't love a good judging session, but I fucking love our iPad. Won while I was pregnant with our now three year old, I surfed the web on it while breastfeeding and said toddler now loves an occasional game on it. The Cbeebies app is a particularly good distraction if I'm attempting to do housework, feeding the baby, or just fancy a cup of coffee without being nagged for two sodding minutes.

I also do many exciting things with my children, we go to groups, see friends, visit various child friendly attractions, play "Find mummy's phone and I'll give you chocolate" and various other super worthy activities. I fail to see how the occasional use of technology will undo all this.

So bugger off with your judgemental and self righteous attitude. Get a grip, or an iPad.

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